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The Tibet Autonomous Region forms the major part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the world¡¯s highest plateau of incomparable grandeur and scenery.Varied landforms contribute to the region¡¯s complex natural environment and abundant natural resources on the Tibetan Plateau. Generally speaking, Tibet has a terrain descending northwest to southeast, with the average elevation decreasing from over 5000 meters to 4000meters.

Tibet's topography roughly features the Himalayan mountain area, southern Tibet valley, Northern Tibet Plateau and eastern Tibet Canyon.

Himalayan mountain area: Situated in south Tibet, t is composed of several mountain ranges running from east to west, with an average elevation of 6000 meters. Mount Qomolangma on the China-Nepal border stands at 8848.13 meters above sea level, being the highest peak in the world. The Himalayas are crowned with snow all year round. Climate and topography on the northern and southern sides of the mountains vary greatly.

Southern Tibet valley: Lyingbetween the Kangdese and Himalayan mountains, the valley is drained by the Yarlung Zangbo River and its tributaries. The area abounds in river valley flat lands and lake basin flat lands of varying width. With fertile soil, it is the major farming area in Tibet.

Northern Tibet Plateau:Lying among the Kunlunshan, Tanggula, Kangdese and Nyainqentanglha mountains, the plateau covers two-thirds of the region¡¯s total area. Many round hills with gentle slops mingle with a number of basins, making the area the major region of animal husbandry in Tibet.

Eastern Tibetcanyon: It is the well-known Hengduanshan Mountain Range. Located east of Nagqu, the canyon is formed by some high mountains extending east-west before truning south-north, with the three rivers-Nujiang, Lancangjiang and Jinshajing-running in between. The sonw-capped peaks, thick forests halfway up the mountains and green fields at the foot constitute a gorgeous scenery peculiar to the canyon.

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